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IP Filters HelpNAV

Sometimes it happens that users send, intentionally or without knowing, corrupted data. This may prevent a file from completing properly or the file being totally corrupted.
eMule introduces a basic filtering of IP's. The IP-Ranges to filter are stored in a file named ipfilter.dat which is saved in eMule's install folder. This blacklist has the following format:

# Example of a "ipfilter.dat" file
# All entered IP ranges will be blocked in eMule for both Up- and Downloading
# Be extremely careful what you enter here. Wrong entries may totally block eMule from accessing the network
# Format:
# IP-Range , Access Level , Description
# Access Levels:
# 127 blocked
# >=127 permitted - , 000 ,

This entry will block the IPs from to, i.e. eMule will not connect to any IP in this range, neither for uploading nor downloading data.

The example above will block any connection to the specified IP-range. This may reduce the number of sources for downloads.

At the moment only one access levels are implemented. A value below 127 (default in Preferences -> Security) means that any connection-attempt is denied.

Updating the IP Filter
In Preferences -> Security is the option Update from URL. Add a link to the filter file, e.g. and press Load. IP Filter formats used in Methlabs, Bluetack or Lussnig's IP Filter lists are supported by this function. Links which point to a *.zip file may also be added as long as the contained list has a supported format.

IP Filter Tools
In the Tools area or in the Hotmenu (Alt+x) you can use the IP Filter Tools for appending additional lists, deleting entries and other manipulations. Also a Hits statistic is displayed which show how often a certain IP was filtered.

Filtering will prevent up- and downloading to the banned clients
It is not possible to add single clients by mouse click to the list of banned clients nor will it ever be.
Filtering is done on TCP level so no connection to banned clients is ever established.
The IP-filterlists are NOT maintained by emule-project.

Since almost everybody (including servers) doesn't research their own filterlist, but is just using the ipfilter from Bluetack in one way or another, go there if you are blocked by those lists and report your problem.

They'll investigate and eventually change or remove the troublemaking IP-range. New versions will spread out into the general filesharing population and your ip-blocking-problem will vanish over time.

Last update on: 2004-08-18 by Monk

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