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The Server Window HelpNAV

Server window


The server window allows you to manage eMule's server-based eD2K network implementation. eD2K server do not actually store files, they only contain informations about which files are published in the network and help eMule to find them. The server window also shows the current status for all networks and log messages.


The Server list (1) contains all servers your eMule knows. You can remove them, select a specific server to connect to, set priorities or add them to your static (favourites) list which means they are never deleted by eMule. In general it doesn't matters which server you connect to, because eMule will be able to find all sources regardless on which server they are logged in. However there are a number of malicious servers arround which try to disrupt the network or make money by delivering spam result, therefore you should make sure to use a trusted serverlist (see below). The serverlist delivered with the eMule installer packages are a good start however and as long as they don't get outdated (no server to connect to) you do not need to worry about a new serverlist.

There are several ways to update your serverlist. The easiest is to click a ed2k serverlist link on a website which offers maintained serverlists (more details here) but you can also add servers directly in the New Server box (2) or download a serverlist by entering an URL into the "Update server.met from URL" box. More details on adding new servers can be found here.

The area on the right bottom (3) shows eMule's log messages. On the Log tab you can see all status messages helping you to keep track of eMule's activity. If a message is colored red it indecates an error and you should try to solve the problem. The Server Info tab shows messages which are sent by the server you are connected to. It is important to note, that these are not from eMule nor from us (the developers), so if you can read there that the apocalypse is near (or more commonly some advertisement) you shouldn't care about it too much. The Verbose tab contains things which are important for debuggers and developers and is therefore disabled by default. You can enable it in the Options dialog, but thats not recommended for normal users.

Last but not least, the My Status field (4) shows a summary of eMule's current connection status for the eD2K and Kad network as well as the status of other features like the Webinterface. Other realted topics: ID explained, Protocol Obfuscation

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