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The IRC Window HelpNAV

IRC Window


The IRC window allows you to connect to an IRC server and chat with other users. By default eMule connects to a preset server and joins a support channel in your language, so you can ask questions about any problem you have with your eMule. However please keep in mind that this isn't a support hotline, people in those channels are volunteers and help others in their freetime so don't forget to be nice, follow the rules of the channel and don't be impatient if at some point noone has time to answer you. Also those channels are not led or monitored by the eMule DevTeam, so if you have questions about the development or similar issues, you should prefer our forum.


The Nick list (1) lists all users which are in the same channel together with their status. By double clicking on their name you can send them a private message (however you shouldn't message Operators unrequested). The Chat panel (2) contains all the chat content you send and receive. You can select which channel you want to speak to by switching through the tabs on the top. If you want to join another channel, click on the "Channels" tab and double click on any channel you like.

To actually write a message or execute a command you use the Message textfield (3) and hit return. The buttons on the left let you select a special color, style or add a smiley. Note that colors and styles aren't supported by all servers and some channels might not like the frequent use of colors.

To change your IRC settings (for example to connect to another IRC network) go to the IRC options dialog. If you want to learn more about IRC and how it works you should visist this website.

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