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Without proper configuration you will have a low ID when using a router. A router works like a shield to the network behind it, masquerading the IP addresses of the computers in the LAN. When another client tries to establish a connection to your eMule it only sees the IP of the router but not the actual IP of the computer eMule is running on. To prevent this all ports in the list that have the incoming direction – port 4662, 4711 TCP and port 4672 UDP – have to be forwarded.
See your router's manual. Keywords to start are port forwarding, DMZ – Demilitarized Zone, Filters and Rules.
Many routers also have built in firewalls so be sure to set the appropriate ports (see Firewall) there, too.

When using a router in a network the option DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol in the router should be turned off. Assign static IPs to each client in the network. This can be done in Window's Network Connections -> LAN Connection -> Properties -> TCP/IP . Deactivate the automatic IP assignment and enter an IP in the range of Different types of router have different home IP ranges, this is noted in the routers manual.
After entering a valid IP the Subnet Mask field automatically changes to Last step is to enter your router's IP as Standard Gateway.

If you care to help other users and know how to handle your type of router, write a little guide and send it to

If your type of router is not listed have a look at the examples anyway as the configuration works quite similar among the different types of routers. Also good source for setting up routers can be found at

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