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> Why is surfing slow when eMule runs?
> What is a Mod?
> Are Mods better or faster?
> I get messages that eMule is banned
> Where can I get further help?
> Is eMule anonymous?
> My Firewall reports attacks or why does eMule send mails?
> My firewall still reports connections after I closed down eMule
> What is the IP Filter?
> Is eMule legal?
> May I copy the Help / FAQ for my own site?
Why is surfing slow when eMule runs?
Depending on the settings eMule may open quite a lot of connections and also uses much bandwidth. This can slow down other internet applications, i.e. surfing the WWW. Especially wrong / too high connections settings cause serious performance drops while surfing.
What is a Mod?
As anyone can use eMule's source code other people have developed modified versions of the original one. These versions are not supported by the official eMule team.
Are Mods better or faster?
Mostly no. The official eMule versions profit from mod development but the modders cannot change eMule's inner working much without rendering it incompatible with the rest of the network. This fact makes any speed improvements very unlikely.
The mods offer new features and possibly new bugs which you may or may not like, yet some of them have unfeatures which are extremely harmful for the whole network. These leecher versions should not be used and the official eMule tries to cut them down by security features and by banning them.
Mod versions offered on our forums play fair and stick to the network's rules.
I get messages that eMule is banned.
The official eMule versions do not create these messages, they are from mods. If you are using the official version you can safely ignore or filter them.

Where can I get further help?
If there are still open issues after reading the FAQ and help you may want to ask in:

the Forum (please use the search function before starting new threads)
IRC - just go to the IRC main window in eMule and press connect. To enter the english eMule help channel type /join #emule. There are also other language chat rooms like #emule-french, #emule-spanish or #emule-dutch.
Is eMule anonymous?
P2P networks all rely on a direct connection of two users to transfer data. To accomplish this the IP of the target client has to be known. This IP makes the user identifiable and trackable. There are only two ways of guaranteeing anonymity: routing the traffic over anonymizing proxy servers or bouncing it across other clients.
Proxy servers have numerous disadvantages: They can be closed down, the degree of anonymity depends on the trustworthiness of the admin and the traffic they process costs a lot of money. Let's assume an average 100.000 client eMule server. Each of the connected client causes 10kB/s traffic in each direction. The server would have to cope with a transfer volume of 2.000MB (1,9GB) per second. No-one can afford such servers.
Routing all traffic over third clients causes a similar problem as half of the traffic would be used for anonymizing. This means that each user would have to upload twice as much as now to keep the network's performance on the current level.
At the moment a secure and sensible way of anonymity in a P2P network is not feasible.
My Firewall reports attacks or why does eMule send mails?
Software firewalls analyse traffic by looking over which ports the traffic is send. Many ports are commonly used only by certain applications. Emails for example usually uses port 110 to receive mails and port 25 to send mails. Also trojans and other pest software uses specific ports.
Now all ports are freely configurable in eMule and some users are setting them to ports which are normally used by other applications. This can mean that firewalls report attacks or think that eMule sends mails only because eMule has a connection on a certain port.
If you use the official eMule version you can rest assured that it will not send any unwanted information. Also for the current version 0.46c no exploits are known.
My firewall still reports connections after I closed down eMule
Your eMule gets known in the network as it is a source for other clients. Also the server propagate your client as source for the files you share. When you shut down eMule you will still receive traffic from other clients asking if a connection is still possible. This effect will subside after a while.

What is the IP Filter?
The IP filter is used to block traffic of certain network addresses which may be harmful for the network. The most popular pages for filter files are Methlabs, Bluetack and Lussnig's IP Filter. Add the link to the filter file, e.g. to the Preferences -> Security -> Update from URL field and press Load. Block lists can also be added directly if they point to a *.zip file.
Is eMule legal?
eMule is a tool to transfer files - like FTP/HTTP - and is therefore legal. However as for every tool, that doesn't means that every possible usage is legal. In nearly all countries it is forbidden in to download copyrighted material without the consent of the owner. So if you plan to download the latest cinema blockbusters for example, that would be most likely not a legal usage of eMule and we strongly advise against doing so. Sometimes it might be hard to determine if a given file is legal to download or not - if you want to be sure to not violate any copyrights we suggest to use websites like our ContentDB where all linked files are verified to have a license which allows downloading them on eMule.
May I copy the Help / FAQ for my own site?
You may copy any parts of the Help and FAQ as long as you keep the author and place a link to

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