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Server, Connection & ID HelpNAV
> How to connect to Kademlia?
> Where to get a server list?
> Which server is the best the fastest ?
> How often do I have to update the server list ?
> Why does eMule not connect?
> Why do I get a low ID?
> eMule always disconnects from the server

How to connect to Kademlia?
eMule automatically tries to enter the Kademlia network booting from any compatible client it finds. If it cannot connect simply chose Bootstrap -> From known clients in the Kademlia main windows then connect to a server and start a download. Kademlia will connect shortly afterwards.
Where to get a server list ?– Just click on Add to eMule.
Which server is the best / the fastest?
There is no fastest or best server. They are used to connect to the network and to search for files and sources. eMule asks every server on its list and using Global Search all of them are asked for search results.
Also eMule exchanges sources with other eMule clients and thus finds sources a lot faster this way.
How often do I have to update the server list?
During sessions or if you use eMule regularly there is no need to update the server list as eMule's default settings (Options -> Servers -> Update serverlist when connecting to a server and -> Update serverlist when a client connects) will ensure that it stays updated.
Why does eMule not connect ?
It may take a while until eMule is connected as servers may be down or not responding. If eMule will not connect at all make sure that you have a recent server list and check if any software like firewalls, routers, dial in software is blocking eMule's traffic. You can easily check this using the Port Tester functionality found in Options -> Connection -> Clientport -> Test Ports.
You may also check Options -> Server -> Autoconnect to static servers only. If it is checked and you do not provide a staticservers.dat with valid servers eMule will not connect.
Why do I get a low ID?
eMule will only work fully if the ports you have defined in the Options -> Connection screen are reachable from outside your computer. By default these are:
  • 4662 TCP (Server connection)
  • 4672 UDP (Kademlia)
  • 4711 TCP (Webinterface)
There are several possible causes for these to be blocked:
• Firewalls - also the built in of Windows XP. (WinXP SP2 enables it by default!)
• Routers
• Dail-In software of some ISPs
• Connection sharing software / Software routers
• Networks with any form of NATed connection
• Ports blocks by the Internet Service Provider
Check your used software and hardware for any firewall or routing functions and configure it properly to allow incoming connections to the mentioned ports. You can also instruct eMule to use non-default ports, such as 6666, 80 or 20, which are normally used for other applications and are therefor likely to be allowed through.
More information in the chapters on Firewalls and Routers.
eMule always disconnects from the server
There are some reasons why eMule could disconnect from a server:
• Too many files in the downloads list (only eMule prior v.30a)
• Too many shared files (only eMule prior v.29a)
• Server problem
• general network problem
eMule usually reconnects on loss of the server connection. This is no critical event.

Updated on: 2003-09-03 by Monk

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