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> What influence does the operating system have?
> Error message oleacc.dll not found
> Installer or Binary?
> How can I keep my settings / downloads when updating to a new eMule version?
> Upgrading from eDonkey / Overnet to eMule and keeping downloads

What influence does the operating system have?
eMule works with all Windows versions after Windows 95. A P2P application uses many network connections and thus needs a stable network implementation. Windows 98 and ME have a very poor network implementation impairing eMule's performance. More recent operating systems like Windows 2000 or XP are better suited.
Do not use the registry patches for Windows 98 which promise to raise the possible connections. They do not work properly and may make your system instable.
Error message oleacc.dll not found
This error message may appear when starting eMule on a Windows 98 machine. The missing dll is in Microsoft's Windows 98 System Update.
Installer or Binary?
The installer version is well suited for a first time eMule install as it contains all necessary files and the documentation. Just start the .exe and the installer will lead you through the process.
The binary distribution is an archive. The content of the archive has to be extracted to the desired directory. This distribution is mostly useful for a version update.
How can I keep my settings / downloads when updating to a new eMule version?
Extract or install a new eMule version to the same directory you use for the old version. Only the eMule.exe and non user files will be replaced. All settings and downloads are kept.
eMule has to be closed before updating to a new version! To keep already existing settings simply hit Cancel when the wizard pops up.

Upgrading from eDonkey / Overnet to eMule and keeping downloads
eDonkey versions prior to .47 use an eMule compatible part system whereas versions post .47 split the temporary downloads into many individual files.
For the old version of eDonkey simply point eMule's folder for temporary files to the same one that has been used in eDonkey, or move the partfiles to your eMule temp-folder when eMule is not running.
Newer versions of eDonkey and Overnet use the split part-system. An "old style" option is available in those clients, which just makes the temporary download to be a single file - the part.met file is still in a new and incompatible format.
eMule v0.30c introduced a convert function to import external partfiles to your eMule downloads. It imports the old fashioned format (eMule, eDonkey =.47) as well as the split format and the "old style"-format of >.47 eDonkey/Overnet clients. The non-eMule formats will be converted to the eMule format.
You can access the import function from the Hotmenu (press Alt+X) or from the Tools icon. All you need to do there is to specify a folder containing the partfiles. eMule will try to convert the partfiles automatically and add them to your downloads on runtime.


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