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Colors of the Progress Bar HelpNAV

Each download in the Transfers tab has a coloured bar to show current file availability and progress.

(flat style) (shaded sytle)

Black shows the parts of the file you already have.
Red indicates a part missing in all known sources.
Different shades of blue represent the availability of this part in the sources. The darker the blue, the more sources have this part.
Yellow denotes a part being downloaded.
The green bar on top shows the total download progress of this file

(flat style) (shaded sytle)
A green bar stands for a completed download.

(flat style) (shaded sytle)
A dark red or blue progress bar denotes a stopped or paused download.

If you expand the download you see each of its sources with their corresponding bar. To see the sources just double-click a download (or single click, depends on the settings in Options -> Display ). Here the colours have a slightly different meaning:

(flat style) (shaded syle)

Black indicates parts you already have
Blue are parts you still need for this download
Silver stands for parts this source is also missing
Green parts are currently downloading
Yellow denotes a pending (already requested) part

Source Count
The four values xx/yy+aa (zz) displayed after the progress bar is the source count for this file and shows following information.

• xx - Number of useful sources
• yy - Total number of sources
• + aa - Number of Asked for another file sources (only shown when Advanced Controls is enabled)
• zz - Currently transferring sources

Obtained Parts
This bar appears in the upload queue if supported by the other client. It shows the progress of the file this user is downloading.

Black are parts this user has already completed
Silver ones are parts still missing
Green parts are currently uploading
Yellow denotes a pending (already requested) part

Availablity of shared files
Each shared file show its availabilty in the form of a bar. The color coding is similiar to the one used with the progress bar

Red indicates a part missing in all known sources
Different shades of blue give an idea how well-spread different parts are

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