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We want to thank the following eMule users for their contributions:




 Mar 07 Hao yuan 10$
 Jul 06  andrea  10$ grazie!!!
  suguru 100$thanks!
   Garith  10$ Keep up the good work, many thanks...
  Alessandro 5$State facendo un lavoro magnifico!!!!!!!!Ancora grazie.
   Josef  7$ --- Formidable mule - slow but with stamina :-)
  Jose Maria 15$Gracias por su trabajo. Lastima de tenerlo en español
   roberto  5$
  yaoifan 10�Ihr seid die Besten, was wäre die Welt ohne euch! arigato gozaimasu
   jj  15$ eMule, more of the best.
  flavio 10$grazie molto bello
   Jose Miguel  10$
  anonymous 5�Merci pour tout ce que vous avez fait pour nous.
   Brandon  20$ Thanks a lot guys, great software.
   ESKO J  15$
  Teddy 10$Je tiens à soutenir votre projet avec cette modeste contribution. Merci pour ce logiciel déchange qui est à mon avis pas près de sarrêter! enfin je lespère.
   JAVAD  20$
  Wei-Jung 20$
 Jun 06  Jarl  2$ Many more happies
  Danilo 10�Thank you for this great contribution to freedom of thought and civil responsibility.
   Burçin  1$ Teekkürler e-mule projesi grubu. Baarlarnzn devamn dilerim.
  Luca 30$
   Tobias  2�
  Jose 2$Thanks for the softwr.. Theres no other better yall.
   Axel  100$
  James 25$Many, many eternal thanks from old ARPANET and BBS user who thinks this is the greatest data communications software ever!!! Namaste, Jim
   francesco  5$ Tnx for your time :) Jack by Rome
  Maja-Marcella 10$Hvala puno (CROATIA) Merci - Maya
   Christos  10$
  steven 10$keep up the good work fellas, may it long continue !
   Sevda  3� Dankeschön für die ganze Mühe und ein Tolles Programm
  Enrique 1$it not much but they say every little bit help so i hope it add up to something. with out emule id never find nothing! keep up the work and keep them new and improved vir comeing and ill see if next time ill donate more long live eMule Erealz
   Michele  3$
  Simone 5�
   James  5$ i havnt downloaded emule yet. any suggestions on speeding up or increasing music search options? thanks and thanks for a great site. you come highly recommended.
  giampaolo 5$
   Christian  10� Great Software
  Grau 15$Thanks for making music avaliable not only for the richest ones! Thanks thanks thanks :)
   Freund des Esels  20� Danke du lieber fleißiger Esel ;-)
  phra c 20$thanks! grazie! merci! gracias!
   Juris  2$
  Juris 2$Vl
   Juris  1$ Priekš polša :)
  Juris 1$Priekš polša :)
   José  10$
  Renata 10$thanks! grazie! merci! gracias!
   marisa  15� gracias, he encontrado muchas cosas que no tenia.
  cazaa 10�Thank you, for your work!
   Dani  5� ohne Emule geht nix mehr !!!

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